Division I – Honorable Judge William Collins

Division 2 – Honorable R. Michael Wagner

Division 3 – Honorable Stacey Lett

Division 4 – Honorable Judge Michael Rumley

Division 5 – Honorable Judge Daniel Olsen


Cass County, Missouri Circuit Court
Phone: (816) 380-8227

Johnson County, Missouri Circuit Court
Phone: (660) 422-7413

Cass County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (816) 380-5200

Cass County Collector’s Office
Phone: (816) 380-8377

Harrisonville, Missouri Municipal Court
Phone: (816) 380-8903

Raymore, Missouri Municipal Court
Phone: (816) 331-1712

Belton, Missouri Municipal Court
Phone: (816) 331-2798

Peculiar, Missouri Municipal Court
Phone: (816) 779-5104

Pleasant Hill, Missouri Municipal Court
Phone: (816) 540-3135

Municipal Courts of Cass and Johnson Counties, Missouri

Other Legal Resources

Missouri Casenet
This link takes you to the Missouri Casenet, an online resource that allows anyone to check on the status of any case filed in a Missouri Circuit Court, as well as some Missouri Municipal Courts

Legal Resources provided by the Missouri Courts
The Courts of Missouri have provided links to various legal resources, including the statutes of Missouri, appellate opinions issued by the Courts of Missouri, jury instructions, and other resources.

Missouri Department of Revenue
The Missouri Department of Revenue is the State agency that issues driver’s licenses. The DOR website has relevant information for drivers charged with moving violations, drivers charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and other violations.

“In Your Child’s Best Interest: A Handbook for Separating/Divorcing Parents”
Under the law of Missouri, this handbook is required to be distributed to parties in divorce cases, motions to modify, and family access motions.