Cass County Bar Association Membership

We invite you to become a member of The Cass County Bar Association.  Our mission is the serve the legal community within Cass County, Missouri. Membership has many benefits, including:

  • Free – Award winning Continuing Legal Education C.L.E. courses
  • Leadership opportunities within Cass County
  • Free – Social events
  • Access to materials and information to improve one’s legal practice


Attorneys and law students are eligible for membership on the Cass County Bar Association.


Membership dues are paid yearly.  Those dues are $50.00 for attorneys.  Membership is free for law students.  Membership is also free to attorneys who have practiced more than fifty years.

To Join:

Provide the following information:

Name:                          ___________________________________

Company/Firm name:    ___________________________________

Address:                       ___________________________________

Telephone number:       ___________________________________

Facsimile number:        ___________________________________

Bar number:                  ___________________________________

E-mail address:             ___________________________________

Are you a licensed active member of the Missouri Bar?        Yes (   )  No (   )

Have you been practicing law for more than fifty years?        Yes (   )  No (   )

Are you a student enrolled in law school? Yes (   )  No (   )

Mail it along with your annual dues to:

Cass County Bar Association
117 South Lexington Street
Harrisonville, MO 64701

Download a PDF of this Application Here